Jiangsu Tianniwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an expert in the field of environmental protection, especially in sludge and sewage treatment equipment, also an excellent solution provider, We can provide you with the best solution according to your needs and actual situation.We have an extremely strong and professional R&D team and a experienced engineers team.Our factory is located in Yixing City, which is famous for China's civilized city of environmental protection. TIANNIWEI’s products are sold to many countries all over the world, so we also set up an independent foreign trade branch in the downtown of Wuxi City.


Quickly, efficiency and stability are the three most important values of TIANNIWEI, as well as the working philosophy of our company. TIANNIWEI always starts work within these three things. We are committed to having our spirit reflected not only in our work but also in our products.When our customers talk about our staff and products, they will immediately have a opinion in their mind : very fast, very efficient and stable for a long time.

Generally speaking, we mainly divide our products into the following categories. At the same time, our products can be compatible with each other to form a complete product chain to help customers complete the whole processing scheme.

About TIANNIWEI’s product chain and classification:

1. Sludge Dewatering Series: Screw Sludge Dewatering Machine, Plate Sludge Dewatering Machine,Plate and Frame Filter Press Machine, etc.

2. Screen Series: Rotary Drum Screen, Rotary Bar Screen, Band Screen, etc.

3. Polymer Dosing System: Automatic Dosing System, PE Tank, etc.

4. Diffuser and MBBR series: Disc Air Diffuser Aerator, Tube Air Diffuser Aerator, Nano Bubble Generator, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor(MBBR), etc.

5. DAF System: Dissolved Air Flotation.


TIANNIWEI can be found at almost everywhere of the world, from the exhibition site to the actual case, TIANNIWEI is always your best choice.We have established long-term and stable cooperation with customers in Canada, Bolivia, Finland, Morocco, Spain, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China (mainland, Taiwan), etc.

As a manufacturer, we attach great importance to quality. We have obtained CE, ISO9001 certificates.Because of our expertise, many world-renowned enterprises, even some of the world's top 500 enterprises, have chosen to cooperate with TIANNIWEI, such as: Petrochina, sinopec, Meiji dairy, COFCO, Uni-President Group, Shineway group, etc.

In terms of TIANNIWEI's strength, all of our engineers have been in the industry for more than 20 years, with rich experience and skilled technology to ensure that there is no error in each product and site.Our sales staff has a good command of foreign languages and a warm working attitude, and can communicate with you fluently.So they can accurately communicate your needs to us. We have our own independent patents, brands, products and technologies, Therefore we are worthy of your trust.

When it comes to TIANNIWEI's development goals, we want to grow with our customers, from sample orders to long-term partners.We will always accompany you with the same attitude. TIANNIWEI will not be satisfied until our customers get the most benefit.