Fiber Rotary Filter


Fiber rotary filter is one of the most advanced filters in the world. Fiber rotary filter is a treatment method to intercept impurities in water through filter cloth and reduce the concentration of suspended solids in water. Fiber rotary filter system includes: filtration system, backwashing system, electric control system, water pump, etc. the whole system realizes high interception efficiency through optimal design.


1. Large filtering area, compact structure and small floor area;

2. High degree of automation, simple installation and maintenance;

3. The filtration accuracy is accurately defined and the effluent quality is stable.

Fiber Rotary Filter

Fiber Rotary Filter


Design water quality: inlet SS ≤ 80mg / L, outlet SS ≤ 10mg / L,Better water output in actual operation.

(1) Surface water purification mainly refers to the fields that use surface water and have low requirements for water (such as cooling water).

(2) It is used for advanced treatment of sewage. After conventional activated sludge method, delayed aeration method, SBR system, oxidation ditch system, trickling filter system and oxidation pond system, the objects that can be removed are: total suspended solids, total phosphorus (chemicals need to be added), heavy metals, etc.


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