Rotary Drum Screen


Rotary drum filter screen contains all function of traditional mechanical filter screen, conveyor and screw press. Waste water enters into drum through rotary drum inlet, and flows through side screen gap of rotary drum. Suspended solids in waste water will be withheld in rotary drum. Rotary drum filter screen rotates at the speed of 4-6r/min. Residue in screen gap will be cleaned by the nylon brush and wash nozzle on upward side of drum. All suspended solids and Residues will be pressed and dewatered through screw conveyor, and conveyed to hopper on the top, and conveyed away. Rotary drum filter screen is widely used in pretreatment of urban sewage.


Rotary Drum Screen

1) The drum screen decontaminator is composed of a rotating wedge-shaped drum, a pressing screw and a pressing stage with a motor. The wedge-shaped screen hole is 5mm, and the screw conveying device of Rotary drum screen slag and the pressing and dewatering device are installed in the center of the Rotary drum screen, which has the function of anti-freezing.

2) Rotary drum screen decontaminator is made of wedge-shaped stainless steel bars with cylindrical sieve drum with equal aperture.

3) Slag cleaning of Rotary drum screen cleaner should work automatically according to the level of water intake.

4) The screen decontaminator is used outdoors, so the design of all components ensures the longest service life in the worst environment.



Rotary Drum Screen PARAMETERS

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