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High Quality Supply Platform

Years of environmental sludge water treatment experience, located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, the beautiful shore of Taihu Lake, environmental protection industry strong city;

The material selection of products is large-scale brand manufacturers at home and abroad, and Siemens partners for many years, to provide customers with more competitive products;

Advanced product technology

Strict Implementation of International Environmental Protection Standards£»

Products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

We pay attention to the research and development of sludge dewatering technology

Low price and good quality

Because of our specialty, we have confidence in our products.

We have independent delivery rooms, product lines to achieve standardized production, all workers are trained to work, similar products we let users benefit, but never cut corners.

Full Customer Service

We can customize sludge dewatering or water treatment products for our customers.

Visual tracking of customer orders throughout the entire process allows you to understand the order process at any time.

Brand strength
Mitsubish Mitsubish
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SUMITOMO Sumitomo Group (SUMITOMO Sumitomo Group) is one of the oldest enterprise groups in Japan, with a history of more than 400 years. In the 17th century, Fu
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About us

Tianniwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in sludge dewatering equipment and water treatment related accessories. Our company gathered technical experts from the industry to study sludge water treatment technology, and there are many cases in the field of sludge dewatering. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty is the foundation and users are the supreme", provides first-class products and high-quality services for users, and contributes to the overall improvement and improvement of human living environment and the strengthening of environmental protection.

The company's products include: laminated screw sludge dewatering machine, automatic dosing device, belt sludge filter press, plate and frame sludge filter press, mobile sludge dewatering vehicle, grille decontaminator, screw conveyor, scraper (suction) mud machine, rotary drum precision filter, water treatment agent, biological filler, etc.

Factory Show
We have an independent factory building with an area of 3000 square meters. The product line is standardized. We have a number of manual assembly workshops, product quality strict implementation of CE quality management system. No jerry-building, reliable quality.
Team Introduction
We have a large number of technical research and development personnel, working together with well-known Chinese universities in the field of sludge dewatering technology development. Modern workshop, standardized process, cash equipment, your best choice!
Qualification certification
Sludge dewatering field, we are more professional!
Pass CE Certification of EU!
Company News
Medical sewage treatment equipment Medical sewage treatment equipment
The equipment is mainly composed of the following six parts: 1. The main body of laminated snail filtration (dehydration); 2. Driving reducer
Common problems
Cost comparison of centrifugal dehydrator, belt filter press Cost comparison of centrifugal dehydrator, belt filter press
Investment cost: If the raw water needed to be treated is 2000 m3/day and the sewage treatment plant producing 8-10 t/d dry sludge is concentrated into sludge-wa...
How to Realize Continuous Desliming of Sludge Dewatering Mach How to Realize Continuous Desliming of Sludge Dewatering Mach
Sludge treatment is an important link in the sewage treatment process of the laminated screw sludge dewaterer. Like the excretion of a digestive system, if the w...
Advantages of the sludge dewatering machine Advantages of the sludge dewatering machine
1. Wide range of applications Can be widely used in municipal sewage, food, beverage, slaughter breeding, printing and dyeing, petrochemical, paper, leather, pha...

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