Dissolved Air Flotation


Dissolved Air Flotation system is a kind of commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment in the sewage treatment industry, which can effectively remove the suspended matter, grease, rubber substances in the sewage, and is the main equipment of the sewage preliminary treatment.


DAFs are widely used for treating industrial wastewater, no matter from oil refineries, chemical plants and paper mills or food & beverage industries.


DAF system is widely used in industrial wastewater reuse, pretreatment system before membrane treatment, reclaimed water reuse, MBBR biological film process

1.The bubble size is less than 10um, Dissolved gas efficiency is over 95%

2.Land-occupying province,the solid suspended matter content in effluent can be less than 20 mg/L

3.One-button boot, unattended, Cloud digital service can be realized

daf system waste water treatment


Dissolved Air Flotation

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