Mobile Sludge Reduction System


Mobile Sludge Reduction System (MSR system) is equipped with solid-liquid separation, polymer preparation, independent power generation, pumping and drainage. Dehydration is completed in a relatively closed system, which is skid-mounted, and easy “plug and play” system. MSR systems for sludge dewatering or thickening can be installed for long-term use or simply serve as a temporary solution for a few weeks or months.

The rear door can be opened, and the sludge cake is discharged automatically. The double wings can be opened over the entire width of the container in summer to ensure sufficient fresh air. The wings can be opened simply and safely by a single person using a manual hydraulic lift mechanism. Its walls and roof can be insulated for alpine region upon request. Air conditioner is also optional to ensure freeze-proof operation and a high degree of comfort.


I- Compact design, small footprint

All the system parts installed are optimized for the limited space available in the mobile container, such as the specially designed polymer system. The equipment can be installed on 4.5 m, 6.8 m, 7.8 m, 13 m and other types of transport vehicles, in line with the transport size standard of ordinary vehicles, the equipment is highly intensive and easy to move.

II- Large capacity and save cost

A wide variety of sizes and infrastructure variants. Capacity varies from 10m3/h to 50m3/h. MSR system highly improves working efficiency, and saves much manpower, also the transportation cost of ordinary sewage suction trucks.

III- One-man operation

In addition to placing and lifting of the MSR systems, the connection of the intake lines can also be done without a crane by a single person. All lines are fixed plumbing up to the wall of the container. On site, only the intake and discharge lines have to be connected and the system supplied with power. It can then go into operation immediately. The entire system can be controlled inside the container using the operator panel on the control cabinet. Each module has rigorous PLC programming, with scientific and reasonable logic, realizing automatic operation. Installation, commissioning, and maintenance can be operated by one person.


Mobile Sludge Reduction System

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