Automatic Polymer Preparation Unit


Automatic Polymer Preparation Unit is an equipment which can feed and dissolve dry chemical powder, and then produce chemical liquid automatically and continuously.

Automatic Polymer Preparation System can select PAM Based on demand.

It is safe, convenient, reliable and has a wide range of applications. It is especially suitable for papermaking industry, industrial wastewater treatment and municipal wastewater treatment plants, waterworks and Industries requiring the use of flocculant solution.

Automatic Polymer Preparation Unit
Automatic Polymer Preparation Unit principle


1.Continuous preparation of three tanks (mixing tank, equalizing tank and storage tank) is easy to operate and maintain with the lowest manpower cost.

2.Uniform and moderate formulation concentration can reduce the occurrence of granulation (block) caused by improper manpower allocation, avoid pipeline or pump blockage, and increase unnecessary personnel maintenance costs and powder expenditure.

3.The equipment is controlled by PLC in the whole preparation process. It can automatically intermittent, continuous operation and stop cross stirring function to make solution fusion uniform.


Automatic Polymer Preparation Unit parameters

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