Static Screen


The static screen can effectively reduce the concentration of suspended solids in the water and reduce the processing load of the subsequent process. It is an excellent waste water filtration equipment, and can recover solid or colloidal substances such as suspended solids and sediments. The product does not need to provide power.


1. It is used to remove suspended solids, precipitates and other solid substances in the treatment of small industrial wastewater such as papermaking, slaughtering, leather, sugar making, wine making, food processing, textile, printing and dyeing

2. It is used for recycling fiber, slag and other useful substances in papermaking, alcohol, starch, food processing and other industries.

3. Used for sludge or river dredging pretreatment.


The main body of the static screen is a stainless steel arc screen made of wedge-shaped steel. The waste water is evenly distributed to the inclined screen surface through the overflow weir. Due to the small and smooth gap on the screen surface, large gap on the back and smooth drainage, the solid material will be intercepted, and the filtered water will flow out of the gap of the screen plate. At the same time, under the hydraulic action, the solid material will be pushed to the lower end of the screen plate for discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.


1. No power operation, no energy consumption;

2. Not easy to block and easy to clean.

3. Made of stainless steel, high strength, no deformation, long life and simple maintenance

Static Screen


Static Screen

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