Installation and commissioning of dissolved air flotation

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A dosing port is set at the water inlet of the dissolved air flotation equipment. PAC is added when it is used. After mixing in the PAC mixing tank, it enters the bottom of the air flotation area. At the same time, PAM is added. The sewage after the dosing reaction enters the mixing area of the air flotation, mixes with the released dissolved air water, so that the flocs adhere to the fine bubbles, and then enters the air flotation area. The floc floats to the water surface under the effect of air buoyancy to form scum. The clear water in the lower layer flows to the clear water channel through the overflow weir, and then is discharged along the pipeline or enters the next treatment unit. After the scum on the surface of the air flotation tank accumulates to a certain thickness, it is scraped into the sludge tank of the air flotation tank by the foam scraper and discharged to the scum ditch, and then discharged to the sludge tank.

Preparation before installation of air flotation machine

1. Check the goods according to the delivery list, and check the appearance of the equipment for deformation, damage, open welding and other problems.

2. Check whether the equipment foundation is flat and whether the foundation strength can bear the weight of the equipment during operation. For the foundation of overhead equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the structural strength of the support meets the use requirements.

Precautions for installation of air flotation machine

1. Before equipment installation, the foundation must be tamped. And use concrete mortar to pad 100-150mm high. It can also be installed overhead, but the foundation must be able to bear the weight of the equipment during operation.

2. After the equipment is in place, the level shall be adjusted.

3. The equipment shall be provided with a sewer for cleaning, which can be dug into an open channel, or directly connected to the regulating tank by pipeline, so that the water from the flushing flotation tank can be discharged.

4. The connecting pipe between the sewage inlet and the reaction tank shall be as short as possible to prevent the flocs from being damaged in the pipe.

5. The clean water outlet can be connected to the sewer for discharge. If it is necessary to enter the next processing procedure, it can be directly connected to the next processing equipment.

6. Sludge outlet can be connected to sludge tank or sludge treatment equipment.

7. The electrical box shall be generally placed on the side of the escalator, and the environment shall be clean and clean.

Commissioning steps of air flotation machine

1. Clean all stolen goods and sundries in the pool.

2. Add oil to the water pump, air compressor and other parts that need lubrication.

3. Turn on the power, start the water pump, and check whether the rotation direction is consistent with the arrow direction. Start the air compressor by manual control, check whether the air compressor operates normally, and find out the cause in time in case of any abnormality.

4. Press the switch of the foam scraper to make it walk towards one end of the dissolved air system. After running to the end, under the action of stroke collision block, the foam scraper moves in the opposite direction until it reaches the sludge tank. The stroke collision block turns over the scraper and presses the stop button to stop foam scraping.

5. Commissioning.

Installation and commissioning of dissolved air flotation


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