What are the reasons for the failure of the screw sludge dehydrator?

2022-12-05  /  BLOGS


What are the reasons for the failure of the screw sludge dehydrator?

1. The on-site access voltage is too low or too high, and the machine generally operates at 380V.

2. The shaft may be blocked and overload may cause the self protection shutdown of the frequency converter. If this phenomenon occurs, the inverter can be reversely installed and rotated for several times, and normal sludge discharge and cleaning can be done.

3. The motor starts and stops frequently, which affects the normal operation of the motor. Sometimes, it is not recommended to start and stop frequently in a short time when it is linked with the drying equipment.

4. Some customers want to dry the mud and adjust the motor speed to a very low level. The motor's operating frequency or speed is too low, causing overload. They advocate that the frequency be about 20 Hz.

5. There is something wrong with the reducer. The bearing or gear may be damaged, causing motor problems.

The screw sludge dehydrator shall be well maintained and inspected. In case of equipment failure, timely report for repair.



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