Maintenance of automatic dosing device

2022-10-19  /  BLOGS


The dry powder dosing device is an automatic machine for continuous preparation and dosing of polymer solution. The raw materials for preparation can be either dry powder medicament or liquid chemical agent. It continuously and efficiently completes the mixing of polymers to obtain uniform polymer solution.

Maintenance of automatic dosing device

1. The maintenance of the reducer and motor of the dosing device should be carried out according to the instructions. The lubricating oil should be added once every three to six months. It is recommended to use industrial gear oil.

2. The dosing device needs to be cleaned and tested once a week to remove powder deposits.

3. Regularly check whether the electrical components in the tank of the dosing device are abnormal or loose, and also check the surface contamination of the liquid level, and timely remove the surface attachments.

4. The pipeline of the dosing device shall be kept unblocked at any time, and the connection parts, filters, feed inlets, discharge outlets, etc. of the device shall be inspected irregularly to observe whether there are sediments at these parts, which shall be cleaned in time.

5. Regularly check whether the feeding port of metering pump is blocked, and clean the pipeline and filter regularly to prevent blocking.

6. Regularly check the mixing device to see whether the mixing shaft rotates flexibly, whether the impeller is twisted and deformed, and whether the coupling sleeve is loose, so as to avoid excessive shaft torque and consumption of mixing power. If it is damaged, replace it in time.

7. The pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and pipeline valves shall be inspected regularly to avoid leakage. The standby pump and the service pump shall be used alternately to avoid long-term startup or shutdown of the same pump.



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