Operation process of screw sludge machine

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Advantages of stacked screw sludge dehydrator:

1. The sludge dewatering efficiency is high, the liquid content of filter cake is 75~85%, and the sludge recovery rate is>90%.

2. No filter screen, no blockage, self-cleaning function, water saving.

3. It is applicable to the dehydration of oily sludge, especially in the food, daily chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

4. The screw folding machine has simple structure, low speed operation, no noise, no vibration, less wear, simple maintenance, and low operation and maintenance costs.

Inspection before operation of the screw sludge dehydrator:

The sundries, especially in the spiral shaft, equipment slot and filter body, shall be removed before starting the screw folding machine.

The operation process of the screw sludge machine is as follows:

The sludge in the sludge tank is pumped to the sludge inlet part of the flocculation mixing tank of the screw sludge machine through the sludge lift pump, and then flows to the dosing part of the flocculation mixing tank after a certain amount of sludge is pumped. The sludge is initially mixed with the agent, and then flows to the mixing part, where the sludge is fully mixed with the flocculant to form alum, which overflows to the main part of the dehydration, The filtrate filtered out of the cavity stacked with dynamic and static rings of the dehydration main part is collected in the filtrate tank and then discharged. The sludge is driven and squeezed along the spiral shaft, driven from the mud inlet to the mud outlet, and becomes more and more dry under the relative pressure generated by the back pressure plate. Then it is discharged from the mud outlet to complete a dehydration process.

Operation process of screw sludge machine


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