Reasons for high water content of sludge dewatering press

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Reasons for high water content of sludge dewatering press

In general, due to the principle of sludge dewatering press and the current process level, the moisture content of the treated sludge is generally about 80%. Different types of sludge may have some differences, but generally not less than 70%.

Reasons for high water content of sludge dewatering press

Objective reasons:

Nature of sludge: the nature of sludge is an objective reason, what type of sludge is it, the content of organic matter in the sludge, and whether the sludge is chemical or municipal? These are determined by the nature of sludge itself. Different types of sludge really affect the moisture content of sludge dewatering press after dehydration.

Process reason:

1. The manufacturer's manufacturing process is not up to standard: some manufacturers, in order to cut corners, fail to pass the manufacturing process, which affects the sludge dewatering rate to a certain extent.

2. The manufacturer's commissioning flocculation is not up to the standard: the flocculant is selected incorrectly or not accurately, resulting in poor flocculation effect, which affects the water content of sludge to a certain extent.

3. The manufacturer's machine settings are not up to standard: Sludge dewatering press is a fully automatic product controlled by PLC electrical cabinet. When setting the machine operation, pay attention to setting the screw operation parameters of the machine and adjusting the clearance of the back pressure plate.

In view of the high water content of sludge, how to reduce the water content?

1. Reduce the organic content of sludge: For the objective reason of sludge and the problem of organic content in sludge, the organic content should be detected to reduce the organic content, because the organic matter is too hydrophilic to the slurry, which leads to low dehydration efficiency and is too viscous to be treated.

2. Preferred manufacturers and suppliers: select the domestic excellent sludge dewatering press manufacturers to pass the requirements on the length and technical parameters of the spiral shaft.

3. Automatic dosing device: an integrated intelligent dosing device. The manufacturer configures the flocculant and debugs the dosage and dosing frequency.

4. Set the screw operation parameters: mainly including the adjustment of speed. Too fast or too slow will lead to premature or too late thickening and squeezing of mud, affecting the dehydration efficiency.

5. Adjust the clearance of the back pressure plate: generally, it should not exceed 4mm. Too tight or too loose will affect the dehydration efficiency, which should be adjusted by the manufacturer.

6. Other external factors: please adjust according to the actual situation.


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