Application and scope of dissolved air flotation

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Brief description of air flotation:

The dissolved air flotation machine is a kind of air flotation. It uses the characteristics of different water solubility under different pressures to pressurize all or part of the water to be treated (or after treatment) and add air to increase the air solubility of the water. The water added with coagulant is released under normal pressure, and the air is separated to form small bubbles, which adhere to the impurities flocs, causing the overall density of flocs to rise when it is less than the water, thus separating the solid from the liquid.

The dissolved air flotation machine is suitable for treating water with low turbidity, high color, high organic content, low oil content, low surfactant content or algae rich water. Compared with other air flotation methods, it has the advantages of high hydraulic load, compact tank, etc.

Air flotation is a sewage treatment method that enables suspended solids to attach bubbles and rise to the river surface, and then separate water and suspended solids. It also enables the surfactant in water to attach to the surface of bubbles and then separate from water, which is called foam flotation method. The machines and equipment used in the air flotation method include the air flotation tank for the whole separation process and the attached machines and equipment that cause bubbles. In sewage treatment, air floatation can be used in places where ion exchange method is not suitable for, to separate suspended solids that are close to strong electrolytes and cannot be deposited, such as vegetable oils, chemical fibers, algae, etc., or to concentrate activated sludge.

Application and scope of dissolved air flotation

Scope of use:

1. It is used to remove suspended solids, grease and various colloidal substances in sewage, such as sewage treatment of petrochemical, coal mine, paper making, printing and dyeing, slaughtering, brewing and other industrial enterprises;

2. It is used to recover useful substances, such as the collection of fine fibers in white water of papermaking.


1. The dissolved air pump absorbs water and air at the same time. The pump is pressurized and mixed, with high gas-liquid dissolution efficiency, and fine bubbles ≤ 30um. Air flotation machine

2. The dissolved air pump can replace the complex system composed of circulating pump, air compressor, dissolved air tank, jet ejector and release head.

3. Under low pressure operation, the gas dissolving efficiency is up to 99%, and the release rate is up to 99%.

4. The efficient adsorption of micro bubbles and suspended particles improves the removal effect of SS.

5. Dissolving efficiency of dissolved air water is 80-100%, 3 times higher than that of traditional dissolved air flotation.

6. The pressure capacity curve is flat, easy to realize automatic control, easy to operate and maintain, and low noise.


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