What are the reasons for poor flocculation effect in wastewater treatment?

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Our factory is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of flocculation dosing devices. In the process of communication with customers, we found that customers often responded to us and said, "The flocculation effect of flocculants is not ideal. I hope we can help him analyze the factors affecting the flocculation effect from a professional perspective.". For this reason, we have inspected the site of some users in this situation on the spot, and summarized several details according to the site situation, which are often the most easily ignored by the owner. Now, let's take a look at the details that will affect the flocculation effect and see if you can hit the target.

The details that affect the flocculation treatment effect mainly include: water quantity, water quality, dosage, quality of chemicals, etc. We will analyze these factors one by one.

What are the reasons for poor flocculation effect in wastewater treatment?

Detail 1: The flocculation effect is not ideal due to the water volume factor

One of the most easily neglected factors for many owners in the daily water treatment process is the water volume factor. The main symptom of the water quantity factor is that the daily treatment effect reaches the standard. However, when the water quantity increases sharply due to weather, human factors and other factors, the dosage of the agent in the dosing device is still based on the original design dosage, which leads to the concentration of the agent not reaching the standard, thus affecting the flocculation effect of water treatment.

If the flocculation treatment effect is good or bad, part of the factors are caused by water volume. The flocculation effect caused by this situation is not ideal. The water quantity real-time online detector can be installed in the front end to cooperate with the PLC intelligent control dosing device.

Detail 2: Water quality causes unsatisfactory flocculation effect

The principle of adverse effect caused by water quality factor is the same as that caused by water quantity factor. If the water quality to be treated suddenly changes, and the dosing device is still adding the original agent, the flocculation effect is likely to be unsatisfactory.

The flocculation effect affected by water quality factors is not ideal, which requires manual prediction in advance and timely replacement of the corresponding flocculant.

Detail 3: The flocculation effect is not ideal due to the dosage of chemicals

The third detail affecting the flocculation effect is caused by insufficient dosage of chemicals. The factors leading to insufficient dosage of chemicals include: quality problems of dosing device, equipment problems of dosing device and sudden increase of water volume. If the dosing pump used by the dosing device has quality problems, it is difficult to meet the normal dosing demand, thus affecting the dosage of the agent. In addition, if there is no problem with the product quality, it is because the device is set incorrectly. You can use it normally by resetting it.

In order to avoid insufficient reagent dosage, we suggest users to purchase manufacturers with relevant approvals and licenses, and require manufacturers to carefully guide field operators how to operate the equipment after equipment installation, and learn to predict changes in water volume in advance to prevent unsatisfactory water treatment effect caused by the first detail.

Detail 4: The flocculation effect caused by the reagent quality problem is not ideal

The problem of reagent quality is the easiest and most concerned problem for the owner. According to our knowledge, many operators choose to purchase low-cost flocculants to reduce operating costs. Although these flocculants show that they meet the national standards, in fact, the content of the flocculants can rarely really meet the requirements of the national standards. The effect of flocculation treatment with this agent can be imagined.

Through the above four details, we have upgraded some of the Owner's sites that reflect this situation. The effect of the transformation is that the Owner's reaction is not ideal, and the dosage of the agent added with the special dosing device equipped by our company is reduced, which reduces the cost of agent procurement and saves the Owner a lot of expenses.

Finally, we would like to remind the majority of users that the flocculation effect is not ideal. If this happens, you should contact the pharmaceutical manufacturers and equipment manufacturers in time, and more communication with the manufacturers can quickly solve the problem.

What are the reasons for poor flocculation effect in wastewater treatment?


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