How to maintain the screw sludge press?

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The main body of the screw sludge dehydrator is composed of multiple fixed rings and movable rings, and the spiral shaft runs through it to form a filtering device. The front section is the concentration section and the rear section is the dehydration section, which completes the mud concentration and squeezing dehydration together, replacing the traditional filter cloth and centrifugal filtering mode with a unique and subtle filter body mode.

Screw sludge dehydrator is generally used for further dehydration of sludge in Sludge thickener in sewage treatment projects. It has the advantages of high automation, unmanned continuous operation, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, small floor area, etc. It is widely used in sewage treatment in petroleum, chemical, food, slaughter, breeding, municipal sewage treatment, printing and dyeing, paper making, medicine and other industries.

Screw sludge dehydrator is a kind of equipment with compact design, small floor space, low energy consumption, low operation cost, high energy saving and high technology content, easy maintenance and replacement, small weight and easy handling., Especially suitable for small and medium-sized sewage plants, township sewage plants and sewage treatment stations. The dewatering machine replaces the traditional filter cloth and centrifugal filtering mode with a unique and delicate filter body mode, reducing the investment cost and improving the treatment efficiency.

(1) It can directly treat the sludge in aeration tank and secondary sedimentation tank without building sludge thickening tank and sludge storage tank, reduce the overall investment cost of infrastructure, avoid the problem of phosphorus release in traditional sludge thickening tank, and improve the dephosphorization function of sewage treatment system.

(2) Save the cost of supporting equipment for mixer and other structures

(3) Save the cost of auxiliary equipment for sludge dewatering such as air compressor and flushing pump

(4) It occupies a small area, reduces the civil construction investment of the dewatering machine room, integrates sewage and sludge, reduces the processing load of the subsequent biochemical reactor, and reduces the operating cost of the sewage treatment system.

How to maintain the screw sludge press?

How to maintain the screw sludge press?


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