MBBR Bio-Media


MBBR Bio-Media

MBBR Bio-Media is a moving media system, used in integrated fixed-film activated sludge (IFAS) and moving bed biofilm reaction (MBBR) system.


MBBR technology has the advantages of traditional fluidized bed and biological contact oxidation, also that is a new efficient sewage treatment method, which can improve the efficiency of the reactor by adding a certain amount of suspension carriers to the reactor and improving the biomass and biological species in the reactor.


The roughness of the surface is larger than the actual surface area, with more biomass and easier and faster formation of bacterial communities.

1.Better electrophilicity Microorganisms have negative charge, the modified filler carries positive charge, the biological material on the surface of the filler is significantly improved.

2.Specific gravity is more.It was controlled at 0.96-0.98 G/Cm cubed, and about 1 after the formation of bacterial community.After a small amount of aeration can flow, do not need additional aeration to promote the flow.

3.Uv radiation,Anti - uv,Anti - aging,anti - friction.


MBBR Bio-Media

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