Rotary Drum Thickener


Rotary drum thickener is a kind of mechanical filtering equipment. It is suitable for separating the solid substances in the liquid to the maximum extent and realizing the purpose of solid and liquid separation.

This equipment is one of the practical technologies for wastewater treatment specially developed for the problems of existing screens that are easy to block, easy to break, and heavy maintenance work.

This product purifies the water by separating the solid waste in the aquaculture water to achieve the purpose of recycling.


1. Simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance and long service life.

2. Large filtration capacity, high efficiency, and the recovery rate of suspended solids in wastewater is greater than 80%.

3. Small footprint, low cost, low-speed operation, and easy installation.

4. Fully automatic and continuous work, no need for special personnel to take care of it, and the concentration of leached substances can reach up to 18% or more.

5. Special microfiltration machine for seawater and industrial aquaculture.

Rotary Drum Thickener


Rotary Drum Thickener

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