Filter Press


The plate and frame filter press consists of a frame, a filter plate, a compacting system and an electrical control cabinet.Part of the frame plays the role of supporting the pressing device and filter plate, which is composed of the frame, pressing plate, thrust plate and main beam.The filter plate is mounted on the main beam between the press plate and the thrust plate, and the press cloth is sandwiched between them.


① Simple structure, easy operation, stable operation and convenient maintenance;

② The selection range of filtration area is flexible and occupies less land;

③ It has strong adaptability to materials and is suitable for various occasions of sludge dewatering treatment.

Filter Press

Filter Press


① High strength materials are used to further enhance the impact resistance and prolong the service life of the filter plate on the basis of ensuring the original strength of the filter plate.

② The filter plate adopts sealing technology and side optimization design to reduce water flow resistance and make the liquid flow more smoothly.

③ The filtration of the filter plate is more scientific, the discharged sludge cake is more uniform, there is no dead corner in washing, and the flow speed of filtrate and detergent is faster.


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