Hazardous Waste Rotary Kiln


Hazardous waste rotary kiln is a kind of harmless, reduction and resource utilization of hazardous waste through high temperature calcination.


1. Through the overall rotation of the kiln body, the garbage is evenly mixed and enters the churning state along the inclined end. In order to achieve the purpose of complete incineration of garbage, a secondary combustion chamber is generally provided. Its special structure enables complete incineration of hazardous waste in the secondary combustion chamber.

2. Most waste materials are heated by the gases generated during the combustion process and the heat transmitted by the kiln wall.

Hazardous waste rotary kiln


(1) Various industrial hazardous waste residues, medical waste, domestic waste, etc.;

(2) Macromolecular wastes such as various sludges, slurries, ointments, plastics, rubber grease residues, and asphalt;

(3) High concentration waste liquid, waste water and waste solvent;

(4) Solid waste, semi-solid waste, organic waste, inorganic waste, solid particles, etc.


1. Low cost: high temperature materials contact refractory materials, and it is convenient to replace the furnace lining;

2. The transmission mechanism is simple: the transmission mechanism is in the kiln shell, and the equipment maintenance is simple;

3. To ensure that harmful gases do not leak: good sealing measures and furnace negative pressure;

4. Convenient operation and maintenance: the equipment operation rate is high, and the annual operation rate can generally reach 90%;

5. Strong adaptability to incinerators: solid waste, liquid, colloid and gas can be incinerated at the same time;

6. High heat utilization rate: the incineration material is tumbling forward, and three heat transfer methods coexist in one furnace.


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